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January 16, 2023

Cinder Climb

My project for a climbing wall. Although in principle a climbing wall is not necessary....

High throughput Fizz Buzz


November 15, 2021


Basecase Multiplication Karatsuba Multiplication Toom 3-Way Multiplication Toom 4-Way Multiplication Higher degree Toom’n’half FFT Multiplication Other Multiplication Unbalanced Multiplication

November 15, 2021

Analyzing Japanese with Natural Language Processing and Go

“One of the most exciting things about learning a foreign language is developing a proficiency for reading it. At first, sentences in the foreign languages start off as intimidating blocks of text, totally opaque and meaningless. With lots of practice, single words start to make sense here and there. A basic understanding of the language’s syntax transforms the process.” https://medium.com/@enocom/analyzing-japanese-with-natural-language-processing-and-go-64b26cb2436

November 15, 2021