find /path/to/your/files/ -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;


find /path/to/your/files/ -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;

Bracketed paste mode

Something has enabled ‚bracketed paste mode’ on your terminal. gnome-terminal (and based on it terminator) does not handle it currently well, see for example: To disable the bracketed paste mode:

$ printf "e[?2004l"


Podpięcie debug-shell pod sygnał (python)

import code, traceback, signal

def debug(sig, frame):
 """Interrupt running process, and provide a python prompt for
 interactive debugging."""
 d={'_frame':frame} # Allow access to frame object.
 d.update(frame.f_globals) # Unless shadowed by global

 i = code.InteractiveConsole(d)
 message = "Signal recieved : entering python shell.nTraceback:n"
 message += ''.join(traceback.format_stack(frame))

def listen():
 signal.signal(signal.SIGUSR1, debug) # Register handler


mygrep() {
echo Search for ${2} in ${1} ;
grep --color -rnin --include="${1}" "${2}" ;

alias gr=mygrep


Dreampie with virtualenv

alias dp='(dreampie $(which python) &>/dev/null &)'


Windows Live Writer

  1. Download Windows Live Writer installation files from
  2. Save wlsetup-all.exe file in a folder. Example: c:temp
  3. Open command prompt (cmd.exe)
  4. Navigate within command prompt to location where you saved wlsetup-all.exe file.
    Within the command prompt type: cd c:temp (if that’s the location where you saved the wlsetup-all.exe file)
  5. Type: wlsetup-all.exe /AppSelect:Writer /q /log:C:tempWriter.Log /noMU /noHomepage /noSearch
  6. Hit enter

Livestreaming to Youtube Live